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Positive Feedback

Syndishows continues to help radio stations find great new content, and support show creators by boosting awareness of their productions.Feedback has been very positive from both sides, and we are now adding testimonials to our platform to illustrate this fact.If you have a show but are yet to list it in the Syndishows directory, read what existing users are saying. The platform gets hundreds of views from radio stations each week - they love being able to browse for different types of syndicated shows from a variety of categories.

If you would like to add a testimonial yourself, whether as a show creator or a radio station searching for content, please feel free to contact us.

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Listing Plans & Free Trials

This weeks site update has modifed our available listing plans and changed the mechanism for allowing free trial listings.

A new Budget Listing has now been added, allowing show creators to list their show for two months. This is a renewable plan, however the six and twelve month plans remain better value for longer term listing of your show.

A Free Trial listing is still available, but is now delivered using a coupon code that can be provided on request. The coupon code can be entered agains the Budget Listing plan to offset the total cost, resulting in no charge for two months. The free trial is only available once per listing, and the code is not reusable.

To request your coupon code in order to take advantage of a free trial, please contact us.

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Getting The Most From Your Listing

A common question is "How can I get more radio stations viewing my listing?"

There are a number of things you can do to maximise the effectiveness of your listing. Indeed, if you look at the listings on Syndishows that are getting the most views, these tend to be shows that have followed this advice.


Firstly, ensure that your show is listed in the category that best suits it. One of the advantages of Syndishows is that it allows radio stations to search by category for the type of show they are looking for, so if your show is not listed in the right category it may get misssed altogether.

Secondly, more detail is better than less! Listings with just a couple of lines for a description are less likely to grab the attention of radio stations than listings with lots of information. Dont just tell stations what your show is, tell them about what features you have, or examples of guests, how long you have been producing your show for,…

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