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June 2022 Update

Summer is here, and that is a time when many radio stations look at refreshing their programme schedules. That makes it a great time to highlight your syndicated show by listing it with Syndishows!

That is exactly what several show creators have done over the last few weeks, with many immediately being contacted by interested radio stations.

Best Ever Statistics

Consequently, we are pleased to reveal that Syndishows has seen its best site statistics yet over the past month, with the number of unique visits almost doubling to just under 5,000 - with over 20,000 individual show listing views.

Interest in the platform has been growing steadily since the begining of the year, but the recent spike is evidence of that seasonal trend to update programme schedules.

Account Registration

With regards to recent issues over account registration, these appear to have now been resolved by our tech geeks - although we are still monitoring…

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User Registration Issues

We are currently experiencing some issues regarding the creation of user accounts. Specifically, some email addresses being used to create new accounts are not receiving the automated message containing the link to verify their email address due to third party spam protection services blocking delivery. These include Gmail and Microsoft (Outlook/Hotmail/Live) accounts.

We are addressing the problem but, due to the nature of how these systems work, full resolution will take some time. In the meantime, if you are trying to set up a new account and are not receiving the automated verification email, please contact us so that we can complete your account creation from our side.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope to have the matter resolved as soon as third party databases have been updated.

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April 2022 Update

April brings us Easter and the first signs of spring. But with economic uncertainty touching many people - energy price increases, inflation, and the rising cost of living - positivity is in short supply.

Syndishows has therefore taken the decision to refresh the Listing Plans we offer, and to introduce a free option for show creators who wish to include their programming in the directory but cannot afford to pay any fees. The Basic 3 plan is zero rated, and is renewable at the end of the subscription period. The two revised paid for plans continue to offer longer term listings, and now offer improved value thanks to the inclusion of Featured In Category - which highlights the listing and elevates its position when viewing the specific category in which the listing is included.

You can see the new listing plans below - click the image to choose a plan now.

New Listing Plans

This change will ensure that Syndishows is accessible to many more s…

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