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It's almost 2 years since Syndishows first launched, and we're thrilled to have been able to help countless show creators find new homes for their shows. Radio stations too have found Syndishows to be a valuable resource when looking for new programming.

Syndishows regularly recieves over two thousand unique visits each month, with around 20,000 page views. But we felt it was time to look at how we could improve the platform, and increase its usefulness.So we are working on Syndishows 2.0!Early days yet, with more information to follow - but we think you will like it.

Watch this space!

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March 2023 Update

We are well overdue for an update about the Syndishows platform - where on earth does the time go?So, here we go...

Listing Details

A few additions have been introduced to our listing details, aimed at better identifying the origins and target markets of shows in the directory. With the ever increasing internationality of Syndishows, we wanted to make it easier to see whether individial shows were produced in the UK, the US or elsewhere and indeed whether or not those shows were targeting domestic or international stations. New listings will now be prompted to enter those details. For existing listings you will need to edit your details in order to choose the relevant options for your show. We have also added a tooltip to the telephone contact field asking for you to include the international dialling code.It is worth noting that Syndishows is a UK based directory, but welcomes listings from international sources.

Rejected Listings & Refunds


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October 2022 Update

Apologies for the lack of updates over the summer, but it's fair to say that there has been a lot going on to take up everyones attention!


Since Autumn is upon us, time for a quick update. Autumn is also another point in the broadcast calendar where stations might be looking to refresh their schedules, giving show creators a reason to ensure that they have listings for their shows on Syndishows and that they are as detailed and up to date as possible.

Remember that the more detail you post, the greater the chance of grabbing the attention of stations looking for new content. One line listings really wont cut it! Also try to refresh your listings with any updates to your show content when applicable.


In terms of statistics, these have remained largely constant throughout the summer, with a peak in August. On average Syndishows received 6000 unique visitors and over 40,000 page views per month between July and Se…

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