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We have now added a page view counter to each show listing in order for you to track the interest your show is achieving. You can find this counter on the right hand side of your listing, below the owners profle information.

Note that because page tracking was not active from the launch of the platform, the actual total number of views for each page from the original date of listing is likely to be higher.A reminder that if your listing is not getting the same number of views as other shows then there are a number of things that you can do to improve your visibility. Some of these are listed on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Radio Today

This week we were on the front of industry news portal Radio Today, with an article detailing the launch of the Syndishows service.

Radio Today 14/9/21

As a result, the Syndishows site has enjoyed a substantial surge in visits over the past couple of days, and many new radio station enquries.Hopefuly your show has picked up some attention too, and if your show isn't listed yet then it's another example of how you are missing out on potentially getting your creativity picked up by new stations!

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Profile Pictures

We have now added the ability to upload your own profile picture from your local machine, rather than using the Gravatar platform.

Gravatar is a cross website system for associating a profile picture with an email address enabling use on multiple sites once set up, but some users have found the intial configuration of their Gravatar profiles difficult. So, as an alternative, there is now a new area in your Profile Edit screen to allow for uploading your profile picture directly without the use of Gravatar.

First, log in to your Syndishows account and go to Edit Profile:

Then scroll to the bottom of your profile information to find the new section:

Existing user profiles are not affected, so if you have already associated a Gravatar profile picture with your Syndishows account you can leave this as it is. If you wish to replace the auto generated profile picture on your account with your own image you can now upload one using the new t…

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