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May 23
May 2024 Update

Summer is almost upon us, traditionally a time for radio stations to update their schedules and shuffle programming. Many of those stations may well be looking to fill gaps with syndicated programming, which makes it a great time to get your show added as a Syndishows listing. For show creators,Read More

Feb 14
February 2024 Update

The festive period is now a distant memory as we look ahead to the Spring, and that may mean schedule changes for many radio stations. Syndishows offers hundreds of radio stations a catalogue of options from various genres for programmers looking to expand or vary their output. January saw changesRead More

Nov 19
Upcoming Changes To Listing Packages

From January 1st 2024 we will be introducing some changes to the features and costs of Listing Packages for Radio Shows. These changes come after several months of analysis and taking on board feedback from users. Basic Package The first, and most obvious change is that our Basic Listing PackageRead More

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