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About Syndishows

Show producers are always looking to promote their creativity and get their shows aired on radio stations.
Radio stations are always on the look out for new and innovative programming to add to their schedules.
So we thought, why not bring the two together?
Enter Syndishows!

For Show Creators

Rather than spending endless amounts of time posting details of your show in disparate social media locations, or expending energy constantly mailing out details to radio stations, simply list your show with us. It’s a shop window for your product, regardless of whether you are charging stations or providing it for free.

Syndishows offers several packages to list your show – including a free option.
Once you have chosen a package you can then select the category that best fits your show and add details about it, including images, contact information, and how you distribute your show.

Your show is then listed ready to be seen by radio stations browsing for new content.

For Radio Stations

For station programmers, Syndishows provides a convenient place to search for the exact type of show they need to fill the gap in their schedule – from a rock extravaganza to a late night dance party!

Radio Stations can search Syndishows free of charge – all they have to do is visit the site and search for the type of show they are looking for. They can then contact show creators directly, either by using the information posted by the show or using the sites Direct Messaging (account required).

In addition, Radio Stations can also purchase "Opportunity" listings, where they can advertise for a show that they want. This type of listing allows a station with more specific needs to ask show creators for a more bespoke type of show, or post a vacancy for a regular show.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about Radio Show Listings or Radio Station Opportunites.

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