April brings us Easter and the first signs of spring. But with economic uncertainty touching many people – energy price increases, inflation, and the rising cost of living – positivity is in short supply.

Syndishows has therefore taken the decision to refresh the Listing Plans we offer, and to introduce a free option for show creators who wish to include their programming in the directory but cannot afford to pay any fees. The Basic 3 plan is zero rated, and is renewable at the end of the subscription period. The two revised paid for plans continue to offer longer term listings, and now offer improved value thanks to the inclusion of Featured In Category – which highlights the listing and elevates its position when viewing the specific category in which the listing is included.

You can see the new listing plans below – click the image to choose a plan now.

New Listing Plans

This change will ensure that Syndishows is accessible to many more show creators, whilst ensuring that paid for listings maintain greater visibility when compared to free listings.


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