About Me

Kayden Gordon started out in radio at a young age, and has always loved country music. He found his passion for radio while listening to WKLB, and ventured out on Facebook internet radio groups to find out there is not an age limit to get started and work on his dreams! He also does live shows on a few different stations on Spectrum 23.9, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is actually his producer, John Graham’s station, Kayden also is a co-owner of Spectrum 23.9 and John’s company “Radio for a Cause”. He was also on Music Tower Radio, in Boston, Massachusetts for about a year and a half, he also was on Lime City Radio Network and JParkerRadio in Huntington, Indiana previously for a year or two as well. Kayden is now on “Static X Radio Reloaded” based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Mondays. Kayden also owns a brand new radio station called “Kayden Gordon Radio Network” that officially launched in September.
Kayden likes to hang out with his dog Scout and go outside and go to different places, and also likes to watch TV in his free time outside of the radio world. Kayden also enjoys spending time with his friends and family.