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Autumn 2023 Update

We’re thrilled with the success of our new look platform which launched in July, and statistics for August 2023 reached a new record for Syndishows with almost 5,000 unique vistors and just short of 100,000 views of listings. Proof if ever it was needed that Syndishows is a great place for creators to market their shows and for stations to find new and innovative programming!

A few updates to note:

Firstly, a reminder that our Basic Listing Package has a number of restrictions associated. With a free listing, creators only have access to limited information fields, and links of any kind are not permitted in their show description. Stations can contact the owners of Free listings either by direct messaging across the site or using the email addres that you provide when submitting the listing, buttons for both of which are automatically displayed.
In order to submit a fully detailed listing including links, social media accounts, audio demo player, author info and image gallery please select either our Standard or Premium Listing Package.

Secondly we have noted some issues with user registration where GMail is concerned. Specifically Google does not like the activation email that Syndishows sends out when a new user registers.
We are looking into this issue, but please check your junk and spam folders if you have not recevied an activation email following registration.

Finally, regarding the Show Demo Audio Player that is available on Standard and Premium Listing Packages, please remember that the URL you provide to your audio needs to adhere to the correct format:

  • The URL is to the audio file location, not the page address;
  • The URL needs to specify the file extension – eg: https://mysite/audiofile.mp3);
  • The URL must be publically accesible without any need to log in to an account. (Test by typing the URL into an incognito/private browser window).

If the URL is valid then the audio player will correctly play the file on your listing.


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