Exciting News

It's almost 2 years since Syndishows first launched, and we're thrilled to have been able to help countless show creators find new homes for their shows. Radio stations too have found Syndishows to be a valuable resource when looking for new programming.

Syndishows regularly recieves over two thousand unique visits each month, with around 20,000 page views. But we felt it was time to look at how we could improve the platform, and increase its usefulness.So we are working on Syndishows 2.0!Early days yet, with more information to follow - but we think you will like it.

Watch this space!

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March 2023 Update

We are well overdue for an update about the Syndishows platform - where on earth does the time go?So, here we go...

Listing Details

A few additions have been introduced to our listing details, aimed at better identifying the origins and target markets of shows in the directory. With the ever increasing internationality of Syndishows, we wanted to make it easier to see whether individial shows were produced in the UK, the US or elsewhere and indeed whether or not those shows were targeting domestic or international stations. New listings will now be prompted to enter those details. For existing listings you will need to edit your details in order to choose the relevant options for your show. We have also added a tooltip to the telephone contact field asking for you to include the international dialling code.It is worth noting that Syndishows is a UK based directory, but welcomes listings from international sources.

Rejected Listings & Refunds


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October 2022 Update

Apologies for the lack of updates over the summer, but it's fair to say that there has been a lot going on to take up everyones attention!


Since Autumn is upon us, time for a quick update. Autumn is also another point in the broadcast calendar where stations might be looking to refresh their schedules, giving show creators a reason to ensure that they have listings for their shows on Syndishows and that they are as detailed and up to date as possible.

Remember that the more detail you post, the greater the chance of grabbing the attention of stations looking for new content. One line listings really wont cut it! Also try to refresh your listings with any updates to your show content when applicable.


In terms of statistics, these have remained largely constant throughout the summer, with a peak in August. On average Syndishows received 6000 unique visitors and over 40,000 page views per month between July and Se…

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June 2022 Update

Summer is here, and that is a time when many radio stations look at refreshing their programme schedules. That makes it a great time to highlight your syndicated show by listing it with Syndishows!

That is exactly what several show creators have done over the last few weeks, with many immediately being contacted by interested radio stations.

Best Ever Statistics

Consequently, we are pleased to reveal that Syndishows has seen its best site statistics yet over the past month, with the number of unique visits almost doubling to just under 5,000 - with over 20,000 individual show listing views.

Interest in the platform has been growing steadily since the begining of the year, but the recent spike is evidence of that seasonal trend to update programme schedules.

Account Registration

With regards to recent issues over account registration, these appear to have now been resolved by our tech geeks - although we are still monitoring…

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User Registration Issues

We are currently experiencing some issues regarding the creation of user accounts. Specifically, some email addresses being used to create new accounts are not receiving the automated message containing the link to verify their email address due to third party spam protection services blocking delivery. These include Gmail and Microsoft (Outlook/Hotmail/Live) accounts.

We are addressing the problem but, due to the nature of how these systems work, full resolution will take some time. In the meantime, if you are trying to set up a new account and are not receiving the automated verification email, please contact us so that we can complete your account creation from our side.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and we hope to have the matter resolved as soon as third party databases have been updated.

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April 2022 Update

April brings us Easter and the first signs of spring. But with economic uncertainty touching many people - energy price increases, inflation, and the rising cost of living - positivity is in short supply.

Syndishows has therefore taken the decision to refresh the Listing Plans we offer, and to introduce a free option for show creators who wish to include their programming in the directory but cannot afford to pay any fees. The Basic 3 plan is zero rated, and is renewable at the end of the subscription period. The two revised paid for plans continue to offer longer term listings, and now offer improved value thanks to the inclusion of Featured In Category - which highlights the listing and elevates its position when viewing the specific category in which the listing is included.

You can see the new listing plans below - click the image to choose a plan now.

New Listing Plans

This change will ensure that Syndishows is accessible to many more s…

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March 2022 Update

Hello to all you show creators and radio station programmers!

Another month has flown by, and sadly world events have overshadowed pretty much everything else.Media is now perhaps even more important than ever - both in terms of supplying accurate sources of journalism and in providing diverting entertainment - and radio/podcasting in particular is booming.

Syndishows continues to provide a simple and easy to use hub for radio stations to find syndicated programming of various types, and we have welcomed more new shows to the platform over the last few weeks.

February 2022 Site Statistics

Page views over February increased yet again, with almost 30,000 page views - up 5,000 - whilst the number of unique visitors held steady at around 2,600.We have also monitored an increase in enquiries from radio stations about listed shows that have come through the sites internal messaging system. It is also worth pointing out that radio stations can als…

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February 2022 Update

The year is progressing at pace once again, as we find ourselves mid-February already!

January was another busy month for Syndishows, with a massive increase in site traffic - reflected in both unique visitors numbers and individual page views.

January 2022 Site Statistics

New shows continue to be added to the directory, and Syndishows has been advertised across industry specific social media pages and groups, online at radiotoday.co.uk and through direct mail out to radio stations.

As always, it is worth emphasising that a succesful listing requires the right amount and type of content. Simply having your show listed is not a guarantee that radio stations will be interested. But if your show listing contains plenty of information, and preferably images and demo availability details, then you stand a very good chance of being contacted.

As always, a free trial is available for show creators who are unsure whether the pla…

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January 2022 Update

A belated happy new year to you all from Syndishows!

December Statistics

Despite Christmas & New Year being somewhat restrained and quieter for most of us, Syndishows was as busy as ever throughout December.Website statistics for the month show an increase in unique visitors and another healthy amount of page views.

December 2021 Site Statistics New Additions

We have also welcomed several new show listings to the database over the past few weeks, and seen increased interest from radio stations in the platform. We continue to market the service to radio stations through connected advertising and social media.

Free Trial

A reminder for show creators who are considering listing their show in the directory, that a free trial is available. Please contact us to request this. Please note that the free trial is limited to one listing per person, and can only be used once.

Making Your Listing Work

For those show creators who…

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November Site Statistics

Syndishows continues to attract good visitor numbers from interested radio stations, with another healthy tally for November.

November Visits & Page Views

A number of additional subscribers have reported that stations have approached them and in many cases begun broadcasting their shows. With the end of year approaching, many more stations will be looking at refreshing their schedules for the start of 2022 - so it would be a good time to add your show to the directory if it is not yet present.

We have also added a few more categories in order for shows from more genres to appear on the site.

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October Site Statistics

Syndishows site statistics for October continue to be encouraging, with almost 2,000 unique visitors to the platform and nearly 20,000 page views.

October Vists & Page Views

Several show listings have reported new stations picking up their show, and whilst it obviously isnt possible to guarantee success for everyone, there seems to be a high proportion of show listings receiving at least some contact from stations as a result of their listing.

Radio Stations too are firmly behind the directory, with many commenting on how much easier it is to find suitable shows for their schedules by looking in one place rather than spending much longer searching in multiple locations. Being able to filter by category is also much appreciated, allowing stations to find genre-specific syndicated programming.

We will continue to monitor traffic and report back on a regular basis.

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Positive Feedback

Syndishows continues to help radio stations find great new content, and support show creators by boosting awareness of their productions.Feedback has been very positive from both sides, and we are now adding testimonials to our platform to illustrate this fact.If you have a show but are yet to list it in the Syndishows directory, read what existing users are saying. The platform gets hundreds of views from radio stations each week - they love being able to browse for different types of syndicated shows from a variety of categories.

If you would like to add a testimonial yourself, whether as a show creator or a radio station searching for content, please feel free to contact us.

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