January 2022 Update

A belated happy new year to you all from Syndishows!

December Statistics

Despite Christmas & New Year being somewhat restrained and quieter for most of us, Syndishows was as busy as ever throughout December.Website statistics for the month show an increase in unique visitors and another healthy amount of page views.

December 2021 Site Statistics New Additions

We have also welcomed several new show listings to the database over the past few weeks, and seen increased interest from radio stations in the platform. We continue to market the service to radio stations through connected advertising and social media.

Free Trial

A reminder for show creators who are considering listing their show in the directory, that a free trial is available. Please contact us to request this. Please note that the free trial is limited to one listing per person, and can only be used once.

Making Your Listing Work

For those show creators who…

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November Site Statistics

Syndishows continues to attract good visitor numbers from interested radio stations, with another healthy tally for November.

November Visits & Page Views

A number of additional subscribers have reported that stations have approached them and in many cases begun broadcasting their shows. With the end of year approaching, many more stations will be looking at refreshing their schedules for the start of 2022 - so it would be a good time to add your show to the directory if it is not yet present.

We have also added a few more categories in order for shows from more genres to appear on the site.

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October Site Statistics

Syndishows site statistics for October continue to be encouraging, with almost 2,000 unique visitors to the platform and nearly 20,000 page views.

October Vists & Page Views

Several show listings have reported new stations picking up their show, and whilst it obviously isnt possible to guarantee success for everyone, there seems to be a high proportion of show listings receiving at least some contact from stations as a result of their listing.

Radio Stations too are firmly behind the directory, with many commenting on how much easier it is to find suitable shows for their schedules by looking in one place rather than spending much longer searching in multiple locations. Being able to filter by category is also much appreciated, allowing stations to find genre-specific syndicated programming.

We will continue to monitor traffic and report back on a regular basis.

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Positive Feedback

Syndishows continues to help radio stations find great new content, and support show creators by boosting awareness of their productions.Feedback has been very positive from both sides, and we are now adding testimonials to our platform to illustrate this fact.If you have a show but are yet to list it in the Syndishows directory, read what existing users are saying. The platform gets hundreds of views from radio stations each week - they love being able to browse for different types of syndicated shows from a variety of categories.

If you would like to add a testimonial yourself, whether as a show creator or a radio station searching for content, please feel free to contact us.

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Listing Plans & Free Trials

This weeks site update has modifed our available listing plans and changed the mechanism for allowing free trial listings.

A new Budget Listing has now been added, allowing show creators to list their show for two months. This is a renewable plan, however the six and twelve month plans remain better value for longer term listing of your show.

A Free Trial listing is still available, but is now delivered using a coupon code that can be provided on request. The coupon code can be entered agains the Budget Listing plan to offset the total cost, resulting in no charge for two months. The free trial is only available once per listing, and the code is not reusable.

To request your coupon code in order to take advantage of a free trial, please contact us.

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Getting The Most From Your Listing

A common question is "How can I get more radio stations viewing my listing?"

There are a number of things you can do to maximise the effectiveness of your listing. Indeed, if you look at the listings on Syndishows that are getting the most views, these tend to be shows that have followed this advice.


Firstly, ensure that your show is listed in the category that best suits it. One of the advantages of Syndishows is that it allows radio stations to search by category for the type of show they are looking for, so if your show is not listed in the right category it may get misssed altogether.

Secondly, more detail is better than less! Listings with just a couple of lines for a description are less likely to grab the attention of radio stations than listings with lots of information. Dont just tell stations what your show is, tell them about what features you have, or examples of guests, how long you have been producing your show for,…

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Page Views

We have now added a page view counter to each show listing in order for you to track the interest your show is achieving. You can find this counter on the right hand side of your listing, below the owners profle information.

Note that because page tracking was not active from the launch of the platform, the actual total number of views for each page from the original date of listing is likely to be higher.A reminder that if your listing is not getting the same number of views as other shows then there are a number of things that you can do to improve your visibility. Some of these are listed on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Radio Today

This week we were on the front of industry news portal Radio Today, with an article detailing the launch of the Syndishows service.

Radio Today 14/9/21

As a result, the Syndishows site has enjoyed a substantial surge in visits over the past couple of days, and many new radio station enquries.Hopefuly your show has picked up some attention too, and if your show isn't listed yet then it's another example of how you are missing out on potentially getting your creativity picked up by new stations!

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Profile Pictures

We have now added the ability to upload your own profile picture from your local machine, rather than using the Gravatar platform.

Gravatar is a cross website system for associating a profile picture with an email address enabling use on multiple sites once set up, but some users have found the intial configuration of their Gravatar profiles difficult. So, as an alternative, there is now a new area in your Profile Edit screen to allow for uploading your profile picture directly without the use of Gravatar.

First, log in to your Syndishows account and go to Edit Profile:

Then scroll to the bottom of your profile information to find the new section:

Existing user profiles are not affected, so if you have already associated a Gravatar profile picture with your Syndishows account you can leave this as it is. If you wish to replace the auto generated profile picture on your account with your own image you can now upload one using the new t…

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Free Trial Extended

Syndishows works! Radio stations are viewing the show listings every day, and some shows have already been picked up by stations. Considering it's only three weeks since we launched, that's amazing news! Some stations have even contacted us looking for types of shows that are currently not listed - so if your show falls into one of those categories, then you may be missing out on gaining new stations.

In order to spread this success wider afield, and to match more great shows with radio stations that are searching, we are extending our free trial period. You can now list your show for 2 months free of charge to try us out. If you gain interest from your listing, you then have the option to list for a longer period, as some show creators have already done.If your show is already enjoying a free trial, don't worry you wont miss out either as your listing will continue to be free for an additional month!So, why not give us a try? List your show for free now.

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Two Weeks On

After just two weeks, we're thrilled to see Syndishows is already bringing innovative radio shows to the attention of radio stations. Several shows have already been picked up by new stations, and with more than 1,400 unique visitors and over 21,000 page views we look forward to helping more show creators find additional outlets for their creativity.

A reminder that sometimes radio stations will reach out to show creators using the comments section on your listing page. The site will send you an automatic notification of a new comment to your registered email address, so do try to respond to the interested station as soon as possible - it might lead to a new outlet for your show!

Reception from radio stations has been very positive, with Syndishows seen as a highly useful resource when searching for new content - exactly what we had hoped for! Don't miss out on a chance to get your show listed - especially given that you can try the service for free!

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Syndishows Platform Update

We have now added a Pricing page to the site in order to better illustrate the choice of Listing Plans available and to allow direct comparisons between them. This page can be viewed without the need to register as a site user which was previously required using the original format.As the platform continues to evolve, we have also introduced a new pricing structure for our Listing Plans.

Additional enhancements are also in the pipeline, having taken note of some useful suggestions from users - more about these in the coming weeks.

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