Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To add your show to our listings, you first need to have registered on the site. Once registered, click on "Create Listing" in the top right corner. You will then be asked to choose a Listing Plan from the options available. Once you have chosen your Plan, you can then enter your show details on the submission form. Once you have submitted these details, you can go to your user profile in the top right corner of the website, and click on Listings. Please note that every submission is reviewed before being published, and this can take up to 24 hours. Whilst the listing is in review it will show as "Pending". Once the listing has been authorised you will be able to further revise the details for your show.
We do offer a free plan for you to list your show on Syndishows, as we are aware that many show creators do not receive payment from stations for their work. Our free option allows you to list your show without any additional featured upgrades, and you can renew this listing indefinitely. The paid for plans give your listing additional emphasis by highlighting and positioning your listing advantageously in order to attract further attention. These plans are also for longer periods, so you dont have to spend time renewing your listing so often. Syndishows is a "not for profit" project, but there are costs associated with it. Your subscription fees go towards the development and maintenance of the service, and help to fund the marketing of it to the very radio stations that you want to attract the attention of. We have therefore done our best to keep charges as low as possible. In actual fact, at the equivalent of around £2 per month, using Syndishows costs less than the price of a pint of beer or a decent coffee! It is in fact a very low cost way to promote your show in a marketplace that will be viewed by many radio stations.
At the moment the only payment gateway we use is Paypal. This means that you can pay for your listing either by using your existing Paypal account, or by credit or debit card through the Paypal platform.
When your listing expires you will receive an email to notify you of this and offering the option of renewing your listing. You can then choose from the Listing Plan's currently on offer at that time. All Paypal payments are one off single payments, and you will not be charged automatically when your listing expires.
Every site user can see their current listings and their expiry dates in their user profile. Click the down arrow next to your user name at the top right of the site, and then click "Listings". You will then see all of your listings, whether they are live, pending or expired, together with dates and additional action buttons. The action buttons allow you to edit, delete and check your current Listing Plan details for each of your listings. You can also add optional extras to your listing, such as "Featured on Home Page".
Syndishows will be promoting its listings to a wide network of radio stations, using both direct mail outs and social media posts. We have an existing database of over 300 stations whom we can bring your shows to the attention of.
Not long. Typically your submission is reviewed and published within 24 hours. If there is a problem with your submission we will contact you.
If your show does not fit with any of the existing category choices, then select "Specialist/Other". If you think that Syndishows is missing a category then you can contact us and ask for a new category to be added. However we will only consider adding a new category if there are a sufficient number of shows to populate it.
Syndishows has two types of optional add ons for listings. These are "Featured In Category" and "Featured On Home Page". "Featured In Category" means that your show listing is highlighted and also elevated to the top of the listings when looking at that particular category filter. "Featured On Home Page" means that your show listing is one of a limited number showing at the top of the sites front page. Note that if the maximum allowed shows are already featured on the home page, this upgrade will not be available to purchase until such time as a slot becomes available. Both of these add ons can be purchased when posting your listing, or can be added by upgrading your exising listing through your user menu at the top right of the site. Some listing plans may include "Featured In Category" as part of the package.
As long as your subscription (free or paid for) remains in date, you can edit your listing. There are two ways to do this: either by going to your user menu at the top right corner of the site and then clicking on "Listings" to bring up your index of listings, followed by the edit "Action" button to the right of each listing. Or you can view your show listing page and click on the edit icon just underneath the show title in the header section.
It's always a good idea to promote your show as widely as possible, and that includes social media of course. However, the problem with social media posts is that you are reliant on radio station managers trawling through a never ending list of posts, often with a very specific type of show as their target. The advantage of a listings site like Syndishows is that a radio station looking for a show of a certain genre can come and search through only the shows in that category. They can also find live shows, shows available via Dropbox, 2 hour shows etc. By having lots of shows in one place, and a simple way of filtering, it makes life a lot easier for radio stations and gives you the best chance of getting noticed by the sort of broadcaster who is looking for your type of show.
"Featured In Category" listings are always highlighted, but they will only appear at the top of the page if you are viewing your specific category - chosen from the categories drop down selection in the top menu. If you are viewing all listings, or filtering all listings using the "Refine Results" box, then your listing may not be shown at the top.
Yes. Only a limited number of shows can pay to be featured on the front page, for obvious reasons. Once this limit has been reached, the add on will be unavailable until space becomes available.
No. There is no limit to the number of shows an individual user can list on the site.
No. And it would be dishonest of us to claim otherwise. Marketing and advertising never offers any guarantees, but without promoting your show there is little chance of it gettng noticed. The more promotion you can give to your show the better, and in a marketplace like Syndishows where it is alongside lots of other shows, there is a greater chance of a station browsing, seeing your listing and then contacting you about it. It does take time to build a syndication list though, so don't expect the world overnight! Shows gain stations over a period of months and even years.
No. Syndishows is not a distribution platform and we do not send out your shows to stations. You will have your own existing method of delivering your show to subscribers, or you may use a third party distributor. Syndishows is a Directory of listings, allowing Radio Stations to search for shows, and for show creators to showcase their productions.
No. Radio programmers simply view the site, there is no need to register an account. Only show creators are required to register in order to submit a show listing.
There are a number of things you can do to improve the attractiveness of your listing in order to catch the attention of browsing radio stations. First, make sure the show category your listing is in best reflects your type of show. You can edit this along with all of your other show details. Also, try to include as much detail in your show description as possible. A short synopsis is less likely to grab the attention of stations. You can also add up to 5 images to your media gallery. Finally, there are also upgrade options to highlight your show - Featured in Category and Featured on Home Page - which will give your listing greater prominence.