The year is progressing at pace once again, as we find ourselves mid-February already!

January was another busy month for Syndishows, with a massive increase in site traffic – reflected in both unique visitors numbers and individual page views.

January 2022 Site Statistics

New shows continue to be added to the directory, and Syndishows has been advertised across industry specific social media pages and groups, online at and through direct mail out to radio stations.

As always, it is worth emphasising that a succesful listing requires the right amount and type of content. Simply having your show listed is not a guarantee that radio stations will be interested. But if your show listing contains plenty of information, and preferably images and demo availability details, then you stand a very good chance of being contacted.

As always, a free trial is available for show creators who are unsure whether the platform is right for them. You can contact us to request this.


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