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February 2024 Update

The festive period is now a distant memory as we look ahead to the Spring, and that may mean schedule changes for many radio stations. Syndishows offers hundreds of radio stations a catalogue of options from various genres for programmers looking to expand or vary their output.

January saw changes to the platform, with our Radio Show Listing Packages being revamped. Those changes were implemented for a raft of reasons, ranging from practical financial realism to user led feedback. Our Basic Listing Package could no longer be offered for free if the platform was to continue operating at cost rather than loss, so a nominal fee was introduced equivalent to £1 GBP per month.
Additionally our Standard and Premium packages were lowered in price to give users better value, whilsdt also introducing a seperate package for users with multiple shows to offer.

Whilst no-one wishes to start paying for a service that was previoulsy free, we believe that the token amount is more than worthwhile given the fact that we now have over 300 radio stations regularly using the platform and looking for suitable shows.

January 2024 Statistics

After the inevetable Christmas & New Year lull, statistics continue to show strong interation with the platform. January saw over 2,000 unique visitors and more than 30,000 individual page views.

Syndishows remains a valuable resource for radio staions and a useful additional tool for show creators looking to market their wares.