Syndishows works!
Radio stations are viewing the show listings every day, and some shows have already been picked up by stations.
Considering it’s only three weeks since we launched, that’s amazing news!
Some stations have even contacted us looking for types of shows that are currently not listed – so if your show falls into one of those categories, then you may be missing out on gaining new stations.

In order to spread this success wider afield, and to match more great shows with radio stations that are searching, we are extending our free trial period.
You can now list your show for 2 months free of charge to try us out. If you gain interest from your listing, you then have the option to list for a longer period, as some show creators have already done.

If your show is already enjoying a free trial, don’t worry you wont miss out either as your listing will continue to be free for an additional month!
So, why not give us a try? List your show for free now.


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