A common question is “How can I get more radio stations viewing my listing?”

There are a number of things you can do to maximise the effectiveness of your listing. Indeed, if you look at the listings on Syndishows that are getting the most views, these tend to be shows that have followed this advice.


Firstly, ensure that your show is listed in the category that best suits it. One of the advantages of Syndishows is that it allows radio stations to search by category for the type of show they are looking for, so if your show is not listed in the right category it may get misssed altogether.

Secondly, more detail is better than less! Listings with just a couple of lines for a description are less likely to grab the attention of radio stations than listings with lots of information. Dont just tell stations what your show is, tell them about what features you have, or examples of guests, how long you have been producing your show for, and any other useful content that is relevant. You are marketing your show to a prospective station, so talk it up and give lots of reasons for why a station might want to add it to their schedule.


Also make sure that you have tagged your listing with all of the relevant distribution options – including whether you supply your show as single file, split files or both.

Images can also help raise your profile, and each listing on Syndishows can have up to 5 images associated with it. So if you have some publicity photos, logos or other relevant pictures, add them to your listing.

Your personal profile can also help sell your show. On the right hand side of your listing there is an information block for your details. How long you have been a presenter for and a brief resume of your broadcasting can be helpful for viewing stations.

Featured On Home Page

Finally, another way to boost your visibility is through Syndishows “Featured” add on packs. Listings that are “Featured in Category” or “Featured on Home Page” attract the most views of any listings, with those featured at the top of the Home Page receiving the most hits of all. These add ons do cost money, but they are available to buy for a month at a time, so it can be a good way of achieving a temporary boost to your hit rate. You can upgrade your listing at any time to purchase either or both add ons.


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