Show Description

Now available for syndication – this ‘Classic Rockshow’ includes regular interviews, features, rock news, rock history etc.
Distributed weekly in three segments (56.30 to allow for station promos, adverts etc) via we transfer.

Tagline is ‘Classic to Modern Rock, Progressive to Metal and all things in between’.
Currently syndicated to several networks in UK, Europe and USA.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration3 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


2 responses to “Andy Fox Rockshow”

  1. Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to tell everyone who is looking for a VERY GOOD rock style show that Andy’s show is terrific. We run a small station in the US, and will be adding his show (after extensive listening to it) in the summer, and it’s just a wonderfully done show. You can run one, two, or all three hours. (We’ve slotted it in on Friday nights late-which we think will work great). Highly recommend!

  2. Hey Andy,

    I am the General Manager for a Classic Rock Digital Radio Station currently called Live 95 however we are rebranding our station and it will be called Audilous Rock after the first of the year. Under the new Brand we will be playing Rock from all corners of the genre. I have reserved some time on our Sunday night Time Slots for specialty programming and I wondered if we might be able to add your show to our lineup. Our corporate offices are in Virginia here in the States and I run my station from Prescott Valley Arizona. I would love to find out how we can do this. Thanks for your time and I really enjoyed listening to some of your archived shows.


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