Show Description

Andy Lloyd’s Morning Show is  a free-to-air live weekday morning show which is available right now for your station.  This daily programme is designed for re-broadcast weekday mornings 09.00 – 12.00, it was created as an option for community radio stations to either take as a regular programme or as a backup and, because it’s unbranded station-wise or geographically, it’s an ideal way to inject live content into your morning schedule.

The show is offered absolutely free of charge, I am looking ideally for UK stations to take this programme, but isn’t not limited to a UK market – there’s a low-quality temporary feed on for evaluation purposes – this is not designed for general listeners and the feed will be discontinued as soon as I have enough stations taking the show.

The programme is essentially a traditional ILR ‘full service’ show, it’s a unique mix of music, news and sport – quite unlike anything else found on most stations – all 100% live and feature-packed.  The music policy is broadly 1970s-80s but will include newer songs too; the news content is what makes this programme unusual, it’s presented in such a way that throughout the programme all the major daily news and sports stories are covered, but because of the way it’s presented it doesn’t feel like a news programme at all.  With the popularity of VT programming and the need for creating original content on a tight budget, this morning show could be just what your station needs.

In order to strike a chord with the target audience, over £7K has been spent on jingles which will be instantly familiar to listeners aged 40+.  Whilst this type of radio ident isn’t common these days, it creates a feel for the programme which sets it apart from much of the content available elsewhere.


The programme is OFCOM-compliant and is streamed live.  It’s designed to be taken ‘as is’ – there’s an intermittent confidence tone transmission at PPM 4 from 08.45:00 until 08.59:45.  TX begins at 08:59:53 with the news ident into IRN.  This means that the hourly IRN bulletin is fully integrated into the programme and so there’s no awkward news opt-outs to worry about.  The programme ends with IRN too so you’ll have clean feed back into your own programming following the midday news.


The programme is commercial-free.  I fully accept that some stations will need to add commercials and I’m very happy to discuss how best we can achieve this.  I have the facility to send two separate streams, one being the full commercial-free programme with PSAs trafficked and a second feed with silence where the PSAs are used, this means that stations wanting to simply take the show exactly as it’s produced can do so, but ad break opt outs are available if needed.

I am very happy and willing to work with stations to make the programme right for you, if you have specific needs, ideas and suggestions then please email me (or call, SMS, Whatsapp) and we can work together to create a programme that suits your station.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyDaily
Show Duration3 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree
Country Of OriginProduced in the UK
Target MarketShow aimed at an international market


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  1. I love the show it would fit nicely into my morning time slot. I run a not for profit internet radio station, commercial free. Kric the Classic, In seattle wa.


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