Show Description

The Show
Aimed at both a UK and International market, Around the World is a two-hour (2 x 59’.50”) radio programme featuring a diversity of music from all over the world. The range is almost impossible to describe. There’s folk, rock, traditional, electronic, roots, jazz and many types of music never or rarely heard on radio from countries you might know very little about.

The show is supported by a weekly blog with tracklist, notes about the music, and videos. Every Friday at noon a preview is sent to hundreds of listeners who have signed-up for the Substack newsletter.

You can get a fuller flavour and see all the track lists at Contact me for a copy of the most recent shows. No obligation.

The Music
Yes, there’s more …

Take 3 words – rock, pop, folk, and mix with traditions from various countries. Mix Spanish flamenco with rap, mix Balkan folk with jazz, mix R & B with African soukous. Mix sounds of the desert and rock and blues – you get the idea.

You’ll hear pop and dance music from Spain to Brazil, Portugal to Paraguay. There’s Irish folk, US Americana, Scots folk-rock and traditional and modern music from England and Wales. There’s fiddle music from Nordic countries and Australian indie.

Have a look and a listen
There are sample shows on Google Drive. Here you can download the show for 7 May and here you can download the show for 14 May.

Check out the Blog and Newsletter.

Around the World is currently carried by 7 radio stations in Northern Ireland and two in Scotland and one in Sri Lanka.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree
Country Of OriginProduced in the UK
Target MarketShow aimed at an international market


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