Show Description

The Dance Party is a weekly Radio Show, released on a Sunday via dropbox and Mixcloud (Mixcloud usually end of the week before) and now via We Transfer

The show is 180 minutes long, and formatted in 9 parts to work round ad and news breaks, or one whole 180-minute track (stations have the option to use parts 1-6 as a 120 minute show)

The music Genre is EDM, house, commercial dance and upbeat club classics.

The format

Part 1 2 and part of part 3 is a club classics format, with a mixture of music from the 90s 00s and 10s, mixed with some “A” list tracks of current dance anthems.

Part 1 starts with the Hottest Record for that week

Part 5 contains A list, 20s and tune of the week (roughly 1:25 into the show).

Tune of the week is one of the hottest new releases, and we try to have the artist on for an interview or a voice drop into the record

The rest of part 5 contains current 20s and new releases

Part 6 is either a Guest DJ mini mix supplied by one of three resident DJs and is usually 20 minutes of house and club classics, which is voiced over and imaged by the host at the production stage or a selection of current tracks

NOTE to make a Two hour show an alternate part 6 labelled part 6A is provided which has a different end link to the part 6

Part 7/8/9 are all new releases, and we can usually fill this whole hour with them, if not then we use current 20s tracks to pad the hour

The average total show time is 2hrs 52 – 57 depending on what tracks are used and can fit round your ad breaks, also there is a goodbye link about three tracks from the end so you can set part 9 to auto fade down to time

How do we do it

We use PlayoutOne standard, and the music library is organised into the different eras, using the auto DJ function to create a 2:35 avg playlist with ad break separators, this ensures fair rotation of the tracks week by week and no repetition, apart from the A and B list tracks which are the current chart bangers

The show is voice tracked in this system by the host and mixed down into the respective parts, including cue sheets which are part of the doanload

The DJ mini mix is sent in weekly and the Host uses an editing suite to mix this with the stings, jingles and Voice links down to a single 20 minute part for the Mini Mix

The show is moved into the dropboxes and emailed via We Transfer on a Sunday afternoon – many stations already taking the show use auto importers, so they auto upload as soon as we change the files

The show is also loaded to our mixcloud page for on demand listening (currently the show is getting 20-40 listens a week via that platform)

The Host

Lee Everest is based in the UK and has experience working on LIVE radio, for community stations as well as pre recording and voice tracking shows, he currently works for Uckfield FM (cover and 10-12 Friday nights) and Seahaven FM (Saturday 6-9pm) in this capacity

He has experience of using Myriad, PlayoutONE, Radio DJ, Playit Live and VT systems

The show is recorded in his personal studio via a Rodecaster pro and by using beds, and jingles the feedback so far is “it sounds live”

Show Imaging

The show has a full imaging package, and brandings with it’s own theme, intro beds and jingles supplied by RPC audio and 4udio in the UK who provide imaging for many customers

The show has a massive library of imaging to make it sound unique

The show is availabke free (generic) and chargable with local station links

Shows can be listened to on Mixcloud, and there are short early demo versions there as well as all the shows to date – please have a listen and see what you think.

Links (The show has full social media accounts of It’s own)

Mixcloud –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Email –


Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration3 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree & Chargeable Versions


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