Show Description

You might think it’s just one week each year, but The Eurovision Song Contest is all year round in some shape or form – and so is Eurovision Show.
This FREE weekly one hour programme, designed to celebrate the music of Eurovision past and present, has been growing for more than three years and is a welcome addition to the schedules of more than 150 stations. It’s an upbeat, feel good show that sits nicely at the weekend, but can also provide some specialist entertainment during the week.

Not just annual winners and some of the more famous entries you might be familiar with, but other lesser known songs from throughout Eurovisions six decade history are played – although the focus is on music from the last 20 years.
There are regular features, listener involvement, the latest news each week from the Song Contest World in an “Entertainment News” style package, plus we showcase brand new music from past Eurovision artists – with many of them dropping in to chat!

The Eurovision Show is the brainchild of veteran radio presenter & long time dedicated Eurovision follower Simon Harding and is professionally produced, including dedicated imaging.
It’s designed both to sate the appetite of existing fans and to entice a new generation of interest.

Distribution & Format

The show can be manually downloaded from OneDrive or Dropbox, streamed from our static URL or accessed via our shared Dropbox folder – all in 320kbps MP3 format.
Stations can choose from a three-segment version that allows for local ad breaks which totals approx 54 minutes, or a single file of around 56 minutes. Both versions end with a song that can be faded to time.
Each show has a 7 day shelf life due to some date sensitive content that is included. The show is therefore intended to be aired only during a week long window from the day of release which is every Friday.

Additional Material Available

A media pack is available to stations on request, providing a selection of branded material and information for use on your station website, and an optional show promo can be supplied free of charge, which includes a customised tag for your station.

Find Out More & Subscribe To Take The Show

You can sample current and previous shows at our website
Find out more, including what stations already taking the show are saying about it, at which is also where you can sign up to indulge your guilty pleasure!

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration1 Hour
Show SubscriptionFree


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