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Take a ride on the Magic Carpet Ride with Jude Connors as he plays an eccentric mix of music focusing on ROCK/RAP/RAVE/REMIXES. From classic rock and trap EDM to stoner rock and mashups, you never know what you’re going to hear on this magical musical tour! Regular segments include 12″ of Jude and the Bong Song.

You can grab your ticket to ride every week on XRadio and other affiliated radio stations via Syndishows.

Gratuity Appreciated:

Show archives are available in complete form on Mixcloud.

The show is completely free to download and broadcast on your online radio station. Get in touch and supply some basic information about your radio station to get the ball rolling!

To get in touch with the host, email: or tweet me at @Jude_Connors. Feel free to contact me for a copy of the most recent episode.


The episodes are split into nine parts, allowing stations time for commercial breaks and/or station identification near the twenty-minute mark. Final music tracks per each break will always be set up in a manner that allows early fading as needed.

The show will be available for download from late Thursday/early Friday (Pacific time). It is time-sensitive, and its recommended airtime is on a weekend evening (preferably Friday night). Show will also be live streamed every Friday at 6:00 pm PST at


Magic Carpet Ride with Jude Connors is Rated M for Mature. This program is intended for mature audiences. It is NOT intended for broadcast on terrestrial radio in countries in which national or local broadcasting rules prohibit profanity or other indecent or obscene language.


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Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration3 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


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