Show Description

Retro 80’s Weekend is a two (or three) hour music intensive radio show that can be heard on terrestrial and internet radio stations nationwide. The first two hours of the program is the music and information of the 80’s, while the third hour, (which is optional to affiliates) is a top 10 countdown from the Billboard Hot 100 chart from a particular week in the 80’s.   Retro 80’s Weekend is the premiere 80’s weekend show that presents the hits, and misses, of the decade in a format suitable for AC or Classic Hits radio stations. The show has been in national syndication for over 10 years. Our target audience is a 50/50 mix of men and women in the 35–54-year-old demographic. They are the same people who grew up listening to the music we play and can remember the movies, shows, and events that occurred in the 80’s. Retro 80’s Weekend can be heard on several terrestrial and internet radio stations nationwide, including our own streaming radio station, Retro 80’s Radio 24/7.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show DurationOther
Show SubscriptionFree


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