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The “Retro Rock Rewind” provides a mix of Classic Rock and Metal songs and has features including “Celebrity Sludge“, The “Rhettoric” (Rock & Roll Trivia & Birthdays) and he even drops the “Dirt” from the gaming world with the “Sprite Spot“.

RetroRock Rewind is an all-barter 4-hour weekly show delivered via Dropbox on Thursdays each week. RetroRock Rewind is designed so each hour stands on its own so you can air one, two, three, or all four hours and can air as many times as you wish. We will Rock your listeners and advertisers will love our well-produced show.

CURRENTLY Syndicated on FOUR Continents Across 24 Networks in 12 Countries – This is the Web’s BEST ROCK & Metal, the way it was intended … STRAIGHT UP/NO CHASER! Partner Mike Tyler said, “Rhett Butler is a true Rock radio legend and even worked for my father back in the day. He does a fantastic job producing the show and lives the music. This is a fantastic show that your listeners will love.”

To get this show on your station contact:

Mike Tyler at or 214-281-8473!

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Show FrequencyWeekly
Show DurationOther
Show SubscriptionFree


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