Show Description

70 one-hour “evergreen” (reusable) shows available. Air as many times as you wish, whenever you wish and however your wish. It just couldn’t be easier to broadcast professional programming on your radio station.

RocketMan Roberts Classic Radio Show for Station Owners – Managers – Program Directors
In a nutshell: Primarily music from the 70’s, but does include classic hits from other decades and genres. Shows are segmented, modular, stackable and evergreen. The shows are available for a modest cost, as low as 66 CENTS per show.

RocketMan Roberts Classic Radio Show has 3 segments, each 19 minutes long. (17 music plus 1 minute commercial or PSA) totaling 57 minutes of programming per hour.

Contact me at, and I will send you ten shows for your review. No charge and do whatever you please with them!

Hear a telescoped version of RocketMan here:

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyOther
Show Duration1 Hour
Show SubscriptionChargeable


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