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About The Show

Solid Gold Sounds is a weekly show which showcases Chris Pitchford’s perennial penchant for 70’s and 80’s music and it’s modern contemporaries; where you’re just as likely to hear those forgotten 45’s as their well known air-play and chart counterparts, so expect an eclectic and original mix of both on the programme.

The show is a general rock and pop (rather than specifically an ‘Oldies’) programme, although it can be used as such if that works best for any station’s schedule, house style, or listener demographic.

There are regular features each week, and occasional full themed specials are produced (for purposes such as Christmas, Halloween etc; or as Genre-Themed, (yet stand-alone/generic) Shows.

About The Presenter

Chris has been a Presenter and Audio Engineer with the East Shropshire Talking Newspaper For The Blind since 1990, and a radio veteran; having started out with involvement in Community Radio in the 90’s – his last station residency being a very happy 11 month stint at Revenge FM in 2021/2022. The show is now available for worldwide syndication.

Chris is married to a published author, and when not busy editing her latest novel, he enjoys landscape photography, and can often be found alongside the dustiest box of vinyl in any remaining record shops, hoping to unearth a hidden gem, or failing that, at the nearest purveyors of unhealthy food !

Details For Stations

The audio is uploaded every Sunday to Google Drive as 2 x mp3 format files @ 320 Kbps broadcast quality.
These are each timed at approximately 57 Min 45 Sec [Total], to allow for an average TOTH news feed.

Both hours (files) always end with an instrumental outro, (typically 1-3 Min duration) – which is suitable for either fading or cutting into, as needed, to suit the station’s timing and scheduling preferences.

The show is generically branded, and as such can be used in any slot, at any time; as there are no references to :

– Year/Month/Day/Time
– Current News and Affairs
– Weather/Seasons
– Current New Releases/Charts
– Radio Stations
– Geographical Locations
– Ads or Sponsorship

Along with the audio, short and long bios and publicity photos for Chris are supplied, along with logos/branding etc for the show – for use as needed in any publicity.

The method of transmission for the audio is via Google Drive, from which a link is provided for stations to download the audio.

All services (with the exception of Live Streaming and OB’s) are completely free of charge with my compliments to any English-speaking station worldwide, who are licensed to play music; including all those hosted on FM, DAB, and/or Online; on the understanding that they pay all the required licencing/royalties etc in full.

You can listen to the show using the links below :

60 Second Promo

Show Archive

On/Off Air Public Show Contact Details (for general reference)
Text (Only) : 07935 293622
E-Mail :
Twitter : @solidgold247

Many thanks for reading the listing. I hope you enjoy the show and would like to share it with your listeners.

Chris 👍

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree & Chargeable Versions


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  1. Hi sandown bay radio would be intrested in yours how we are not for profit local station

    1. Hi Eileen,

      Thanks very much for your interest in the show.

      I have asked for some details by e-mail.

      With Very Best Wishes

  2. Hi Chris,

    Please check your email. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    Derek Fisher
    Head of Music & Deputy Programme Director
    RADIO CITY FM (RCFM) – “The Expat Station!” /
    The Eight-Nine-Two UK Radio Network


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