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I am an original member of The Gaslight Singers, one of the most popular folk singing groups of the 60’s and Mercury Records recording artists. I am currently a multi-balloted Grammy recording artist with a number of albums and singles available on most of the popular music outlets. I started Somewhere In Time with Jeff Hyman in November of 2019 on one internet radio station and that number has grown nicely over the past year and a half, as had my listening audience. My listeners love the show and are loyal to it.

Somewhere in Time with Jeff Hyman is a highly unique 60 minute pre-recorded radio program that combines the music that people love with the background stories about the artists, the genre and the times in which the music was made. Stories that are connected to the concept. The playlists are always tied together by the concept so that there is a rationale, and a logical flow, as to how the show evolves from beginning to end.  Occasionally, there is a chronological aspect to the playlists’ development as well. Each week, there is a new concept. Some shows solicit input from my music fan base and FaceBook friends to help develop the playlist. Input such as their favorite country song, or their favorite love song. The playlist is developed around that. I always get a great response and I give shout outs to the folks who suggested the song. That encourages their participation. I always tell people that my show is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get but it’s always amazing.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration1 Hour
Show SubscriptionFree


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