Show Description

Over 90 Radio Station’s  already Broadcast ‘That Seventies Sound’.
Why not join them !

and is available via a choice of 3 formats.

The 1st option is a ‘Continuous Hour Long Podcast’.

Shows are timed at 59 mins 49 secs.


The 2nd option is via 3 SECTIONS using mp3 files.

The 3 sections make up the hour long show. This allows you to place your own ‘Station Ident’ between the  sections.

Sections are timed at 21 min 56 secs, 18 min 59 secs & 18 min 59 secs.


The 3rd option is via 4 SEGMENTS using wav. files, ideal for Commercial Stations or those that schedule via a Rotational Clock.

This version is offered in .wav format, but has 8 mins 30 secs less content, than the Hour Long Show. This is so that time is available for such items as a Newscast, Station Promo’s, Show Trailers or Adverts etc.

Segments are timed at 0.59 secs, 12 min 29 secs, 18 min 59 secs, 18 min 59 secs.


The Latest Show is made available to the Affiliate Radio Stations

early each Saturday Morning – UK Time.

‘Download Links’ for the Show files are sent via an email.
The files are sent via the WeTransfer Service.

As mentioned above, each show is totally generic, and so can be played

at any  time of the day, on any day of the week, or on any day of the year.

This affords you maximum flexability, when it comes to placing
‘That Seventies Sound ‘  into your Programme Schedule.
Programmes can even be played ‘back to back’ in order
to fill more than one hour of your schedule.

And Remember – The Shows are offered totally

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration1 Hour
Show SubscriptionFree


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