Show Description

“THAT THING with Rich Appel” is the only radio show that brings back ‘the classic top-down top 40 sound’ – not just the songs. It’s the jingles, the commercials that were almost as great as the songs themselves, the personality and talk-ups right to the vocals, and, most important…the FUN.

THAT THING is a three-hour weekend celebration of how radio was, with the all the above plus features such as “The World’s Shortest Countdown,” “The Slow Dance Make-Out Song of the Week” and what every weekend’s show is built on: songs carefully chosen to match each weekend’s birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other events.​

THAT THING specials include our annual “Tele-lection” countdown of listeners’ all-time favorite TV show themes, spring’s “WOW!” countdown, May and June’s Reunion specials, and “All Summer Songs, All Summer Long.” And lots more, for nearly every holiday weekend.

THAT THING is fun, interactive and will give your station even more for listeners to talk about!


Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration3 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


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