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Welcome to The Alternative Hour, your favourite radio show in the Entire World! The Alternative Hour is a free weekly, 1 or 2 Hour radio show featuring the best, the worst, and the hidden gems of the past 30 years of Alternative Music. Hosted by Jarrod Hayson, each episode features at least 15 songs a week, with friendly, conversation banter thrown in the mix for a bit of fun.

Each episode is made up of several segments. The main ones are:

  • Release Radar: Keeping the listeners up to date with all the latest and greatest Alternative Music, from both new and established artists.
  • Artist Spotlight of the Week: 3 Songs played back-to-back from a single Artist. Highlighting a new, up and coming artist; an album that is celebrating an anniversary; or playing some deep cuts that don’t get a lot of love or attention.

At the beginning of each month, we also do a full album playthrough, focusing on albums that are celebrating an anniversary.

We also do artist interviews, and have previously done interviews with artists and musicians such as Atom Willard )former drummer of Angels & Airwaves and Social Distortion), and Ollie Hayes (UK Independant Alt-Pop Artist).

Each episode can be delivered either as a single file, or seperated into half hour chunks. We can also accommodate different requests for ads, news, or promos. We also are happy to edit in ads, sweepers, or interstitials provided to us in the show for you, so the show is ready to air when you receive it. We are also happy to record weekly promos for you to air on your station or provide you with a generic promo as well.

We also provide an archive to all station owners of previous episodes, should you wish to broadcast addtional episodes during the week, on top of the new weekly episode.

The show is offered to you completely for free. Remuneration is only taken should you offer it.

Each show is released on a Thursday afternoon (New Zealand time).


As of 1st Jan 2023, we broadcast on the following stations:

  • Hutt Radio (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Rock Party Radio (New Jersey, USA)
  • Waveney Valley Radio (Norfolk, UK)
  • Highway 61 Radio (Australia)
  • O.F.I Monday Radio (United Kingdom)
  • MM Radio (Switzerland)
  • Central Coast Radio (Newcastle, Australia)
  • Rox Alive (United Kingdom)


Previous Stations we have broadcast on: 

  • Channel Z (Christchurch, New Zealand – Broadcasted until station closure)
  • (Florida, USA – Broadcasted until station closure)
  • Itchen Valley Radio (Itchen Valley, UK – Broadcasted until station closure)


What our stations say about the show:

“Since Waveney valley Radio commenced broadcasting on 21st January 2021 The Alternative Hour has been a key programme to the station. It is being broadcast primetime at 9.00pm ahead of Knoxy’s Friday Night Rock Show and as the title suggests provides an alternative perspective on the rock scene that is welcomed and enjoyed by our listeners and even Knoxy himself. The show is professionally produced, always informative, is promoted constantly on facebook and I would absolutely recommend it to any station whether already up and running or thinking of joining us on the airwaves.” – Robert Slider, Waveney Valley Radio

“The Alternative Hour was a great ad to our programming. The show is well produced and brings a fresh take on alternative music. The show is delivered weekly on time.” – Duane Engstrom,

“When Jarrod first approached our then PD, the late Mike Dee, with the idea for The Alternative Hour, Mike immediately embraced the concept. He knew there was nothing like it available to community radio in New Zealand, and that it would quickly develop a popular following. And so it proved to be. The Alternative Hour is a vital and unique part of our programming, bringing music to our audience which they otherwise wouldn’t hear. It is the essence of what radio does best, and only radio can do – delight the listener with the new and the unexpected.” – Rex Widerstrom, Hutt Radio


Please get in touch if you would like The Alternative Hour for your station. Click on “Contact Owner” in the listing panel, or email

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration1 Hour
Show SubscriptionFree


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  1. Hi Jarrod ,

    I run and own a internet station in Northern Ireland called Reverse FM UK, its on live 365 and Alexa and would it be possible to listen to a show demo of you matey.



  2. Is your show available for distribution on internet radio stations? Meaning no FCC oversight.


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