Show Description

Get ready to laugh and discover new music like never before with the radio show that’s shaking up the airwaves! The show is a weekly journey through the world of music, and a platform for independent artists to showcase their talent. The show will feature the latest music industry trends and the best music from around the world, all while delivering a comedic experience that will have you laughing out loud!

The show is hosted by a team of seasoned radio personalities with a passion for music, comedy, and all things fun. The hosts bring a unique perspective to the world of music, with a focus on independent artists. The show is the perfect combination of humor, music, and real-life stories that will keep you entertained and engaged every week.

“We’re thrilled to bring a fresh, new radio show to the airwaves that showcases the best of independent music and comedy. Our goal is to provide a platform for talented artists and musicians, while delivering an entertaining and engaging experience to listeners,” said the show’s host, Ann Thatcher.

The show is dedicated to supporting independent artists and musicians and will feature a variety of genres, including rock, pop,  country, and more. The show will highlight the best of independent music, from up-and-coming artists to established stars. Listeners can expect to hear new music from a diverse range of artists, including the best of the best from around the world.

So, get ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the most entertaining and informative radio show of the year. Tune in every week for a hilarious and musical journey that will keep you entertained and informed about the latest music industry trends and the best independent artists from around the world.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration1 Hour
Show SubscriptionFree
Country Of OriginProduced in the USA
Target MarketShow aimed at an international market


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