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I have a 3 hour show that goes out LIVE @ 10am every Sunday, UK time. The Basement of Love is the best way to start the day as I ease you into a Sunday with the best love songs on the planet, it has features like the news & weather at the top of the hour, the Northern Soul love song, The Double Decker where the listener chooses there favourite artist and 2 songs from that artist, we join the Bradshaw family which is very funny, we have a short sms number for easy listener participation, and voice message availability, many radio stations are now airing this show, the show is also recorded and can be sent out for a replay on Sunday nights,

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration3 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


One response to “The Basement of Love”

  1. Hi.
    Could you please send us your show for our internet radio station based in the West Midlands?
    Many thanks.
    Roger Bishton
    Rubery Radio.


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