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Hosted by Tim Caple “The Classic Rock Podcast/ Show” is a magazine show with a mix of exclusive and archive interviews with some of the legends of the genre blended with the greatest classic rock/blues  from the last 60 years as well as the best of the months new music.
There are also features with authors of rock related books and and media. What we don’t do is play the same old songs from the same old albums or ask the same old questions to the same old names it’s all just a bit different to the norm and certainly not the “Same Old Song and Dance “

The show is published once or twice a month however this can be upgraded to weekly or potentially more often .

The show is coming up to its 4th anniversary and has been listened to in over 160 countries around the world, its biggest listener base is in the US followed by the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany,Brazil, Mexico.

We endeavour to find guests that aren’t on every other radio show and interviews are longer form rather than short form recent guests include, Carl Palmer Asia ELP, Doug Aldrich Whitesnake/Dead Daisies, Geoff Downes YES/Asia, Kansas, Thunder, HumblePie, Michael Schenker, Quo, BTO. Upcoming all include Scorpions, Dion, Judas Priest, Myles Kennedy.

Producer/Presenter Tim Caple has been working in broadcast media since the early 90’s and has worked for all of the main television/radio broadcasters BBC/ITV/CHAN4/5. Discovery/Eurosport, ESPN, BT Sport, Sky Sport as well as broadcasters around the world providing live commentary, voice on a wide variety of sport including football, boxing, track and field as well as news and magazine shows.

He has hosted many live events with some of the biggest names in sport from Usain Bolt to Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather.

He hosted sport/music shows on BBC radio and produced a wide range of podcasts including “The Classic Rock Podcast” the  “Talking Sports Books” show/podcast which is a sports book review with exclusive author interviews and for 2 1/2 years “The Real Madrid Podcast” a news podcast broadcast twice weekly.

Currently as well as hosting the podcasts he can be heard on BT Sport’s European football coverage and Discovery/Eurosport working across output including Olympic summer and winter games.





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Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
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