Show Description

Hi Friends,

I’m Stu Sydenham and I present ‘The Classic Rockfest‘, a weekly 2 Hour Classic Rock show.

The show has been in existence since 2020, beginning as a “lockdown project” on a now defunct internet only station and now airs on FM within the North East of England in the UK. The next evolution of the show will be the offering of syndication free of charge to OTA or Internet Station’s alike, worldwide.

The syndicated show will be offered as-live and be available as close as possible, in either:

  • 4 x 28minute segments to enable Station Jingles throughout
  • 1 x 112 minutes complete

This allows stations with News/commercials to accommodate it, as well as those without who can bring it to 2 hours with their playout system’s automation.

The show is quite fast paced with classic rock tracks from the 60s through to the 90s, however there are defined feature segments scheduled into each quartile.

  • Seg1 – The Rockfest Teaser – Classic Rock Trivia Question
  • Seg2 – Artist of the Week with 2 tracks back to back from said artist following an extended link
  • Seg3 – One Word Warrior – 1 word from a Classic Rock Track, guess the song and artist
  • Seg4 – Rockfest Teaser reveal and play, One Word Warrior reveal and play

Although the music is classic rock themed, my links will include global weird/fringe discussion – think the “Strange News” section of your local newspaper. It will always be light-hearted.

The show will be released every Tuesday by 22:00BST

I offer the show for Syndication from Tuesday 28th June 2022.  Please contact me via email or comment for demos.



Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


5 responses to “The Classic Rockfest”

  1. Hi stu can I please behave a demo of your show as looking for some shows to ad to my station sandown bay radio

    1. Hey mate – I’ve emailed over a wetransfer link with a demo. Hit me with any questions buddy


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