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Radio veteran Bob Stei turned 20 in 1990, started his radio travels in 1990 and now keeps trying to build a time machine to take him back! We offer a four hour program, free of charge every week to you, hosted by a Morrissey obsessed, family man  with an off view on everything!

We left the hairbands soaking in their Aquanet and started a music revolution unlike no other. Expect to hear the best of Britpop and 90’s Alternative with artists like Blur, Oasis, Live, Pearl Jam, STP, Offspring, Bush, Hole and beyond. The sow features “Mandatory Morrissey,” an hourly tribute to Stei’s favourite singer, “Grunge Garage Flashback”, movie, tv and news clips from the 1990s Don’t forget your pager, ink and piercings as you GET YOUR FIX!


Contact Mike Tyler at or 214-281-8473!




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Show FrequencyWeekly
Show DurationOther
Show SubscriptionFree


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