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“The Kayden Gordon Show Today’s Best Country Mix ” is a 2 hour syndicated program playing the best country mix of today mixed into yesterday’s country.

The Kayden Gordon Show Today’s Best Country Mix does awesome interviews with many different people such as artists like Ayla Brown and Whiskey-6 and actors like Havan Flores from Nickelodeon’s Danger Force, Kensington Tallman from Nickelodeon’s Drama Club and even bigger guests like Rich Fields from The Price Is Right and Ryan Phoung from CBS’s Young Sheldon and so many other people!

I also started “The Country Minute with Kayden Gordon” where I cover country music news in one minute during my syndicated program.

You can check out all my shows at

Contact me if you have any questions about the show and if you would be interested in airing my show on your station!



Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


7 responses to “The Kayden Gordon Show, Today’s Best Country Mix”

  1. Kayden,
    We have just started an internet station…

    We think your program would be a good fit for what we play. How do we set this up?

    Look forward to “hearing” from you.

  2. Hello

    We are a small community station in Devon, England .

    We are interested in using your country show on our station.

    Please can you send details to us.
    Our Website is being re done at present .




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