Show Description

The Late Show with Dave Graham is currently heard on radio in the UK, USA, Canada and Israel – and YOUR radio station could be the next to treat listeners to a perfect way to end the day . . . I’ve attached a demo for your audition.

We started the network version of our show in February and currently have over 20 stations airing us. So now we are established we are inviting more.

The show is broadcast each Monday to Friday 9pm to 12 Midnight UK time and plays mainly 80s music, some 90s and a smidge of disco. Monday to Thursday the last hour is Late night Slush and Friday has a party feel to it (Friday Night Party Night!). The show is completely LIVE and UK time checks and weather feature, plus a light look at birthdays, tittle-tattle from the day, a look behind the music and more.

For foreign stations there is a tape delay version that is basically the audio log from the live show – ready to play as soon as each hour is logged – direct from Dropbox. This allows for airplay in a station’s own time zone.

Take the news? No problem crashing vocals into our show – during the news and TOH junction 59:30 to 02:30 have a short TOH bulletin at 00:00 and then instrumental kitsch pop so your station can transition smoothly from one hour to the next . . . plus you can take as much or as little of the show as you like – no need to take every hour every day – just fit it into your schedule. Some stations take the entire week, one station we have takes just one hour – the choice is yours.

You receive a clean 320k stereo feed with a very small delay (about 7 seconds) and a back up 320k stereo feed (just in case).

Although the show is a YorkSound Radio production, we don’t include our branding in the show and it is simply, Dave Graham – The Late Show.

I hope you enjoy the demo, and look forward to hopefully providing your station with our show.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencySeveral days per week
Show Duration3 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


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