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“Journey through upbeat country”

This program is freely available to Networks and Radio Stations worldwide.

The Orange Blossom Special show is produced and presented by independent country music artist and on-air personality Kay Cook-Abbott. The theme of the show is a journey on the Orange Blossom Special, the journey is of course the music, upbeat country music from the 80s through to today. Kay plays a mix of mainstream and independent artists from all over the world. Over recent months, Kay has been adding more and more Australian country music artists to her shows, and she says that the quality of their work has to be heard. Kays shows include some of the latest country music hitting the airwaves, and Kay says “Whilst there are many people complaining about where country music is currently headed, and many not liking the latest hip hop style of country, when blended with the more traditional upbeat country music, it fits really well”.

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Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


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