Show Description

Weekly Radio Show from Spanish based, but UK born broadcaster.  This 60 minute gallop through the Weeks hottest news produced and presented by Voice Actor and former Sky TV presenter, Richard J Hannah.   It’s a tongue in cheek review of topical news, an eclectic mix of music with regular features and competitions. Sponsored by Nimway Digital Consulting the show plays out on digital platforms across the world each week, may contain advertising but definately contains nuts.    Available as a 60 minute version on Friday evenings – delivered pre recorded at any required bit rate.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration1 Hour
Show SubscriptionFree


5 responses to “The Richard Hannah Radio Show”

  1. Definitely interested in your show. Could you please send me a copy. I can have you up by next week.

    My station is called Angry Kids 24-7 Radio
    I’m based outside of Pittsburgh, Pa here in the United States.

    1. Hello Aaron,

      I will send you a podcast for last week. Minus adverts etc. We start the show with News, this can be UK or ISA I assume you want USA. Drop us a line at Also please advise whether you want MP3 and WAV, any station jingles and any special encoding all of which the Studio will do for you in post production. Its important that we ‘fit’ as if produced by you.


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