Show Description

The Time Of Our Music Life is a free, weekly, two-hour oldies / pop show presented by Geoff Wood.

The show features pop music in most forms, each show featuring one year in history

It is a fast-paced show, concentrating on  music and memories, with the right level of vocal links to provide personality.


The The Time Of Our Music Life is totally generic:

No references to what’s in the news
No references to the weather or seasons
No references to the time of day or days of the week
No sponsorship
Suitable for broadcast at any time day or night on any English-speaking station licensed to play music – FM, DAB and/or online

Hour One, “Guess the year”
Hits all from one year in history (range is 1958 to 2015)

Classic Vinyl track (real vinyl rather than mp3, wav file etc, clicks and pops included!)
One Of A Kind ( an unusual hit, one hit wonder, or just something different)
The Eurovision Song (a bit of history about the contest of that year, plus either the winner or the UK entry, or occasionally a different song if it was particularly bad, just for fun!)
News Headlines
The Best Selling Single of the Year
Interesting information about the tracks, not just “This is….by….”

Hour Two
first 30 minutes, the album countdown from this week in our featured year – 6 or 7 tracks depending on length, steering away from the “normally played” hits off the albums, finishing with a track from the No1 album from this week in our featured year
Trivia Challenge – 6 questions from the featured year, just for fun – delivered in 2 batches of 3 questions between the album tracks
Trivia Challenge – answers
second 30 minutes, the singles countdown from this week in our featured year – 6 or 7 tracks depending on length,  finishing with the No 1 single from this week in our featured year


The show is made so that it can be broadcast at anytime in the week it features. It is available by WeTransfer link for download by the Thursday of the preceding week in mp3 format

There are 2 versions available to suit how you work – 1) a continuous 2 hour show sent via WeTransfer link 2) show split into 2 x 1 hour files via shared DropBox Folder
SAMPLE SHOW (2 hours)
(Note: This link will take you to Mixcloud which may require you to register to listen (free) – a history of the shows are available here, some of the shows on mixcloud are “branded” with ads/ID’s?Sweepers for one of the radio stations which broadcasts the show every week)

Please get in touch if you would like The Time Of Your Music Life for your station. Click on ‘Contact Owner’ in the listing owner panel or email

Thanks for reading. I would love to work with you!




Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree
Country Of OriginProduced in the UK
Target MarketShow aimed at an international market


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    1. Hi Eileen, email sent with link to show, show excerts and show history archive.
      Please elt me know if you wish to go ahead, I would love to work with you
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