Show Description

WorldMix is a 2 hour syndicated global hits radio show – available weekly for broadcast on quality stations such as yours.

We embark on a musical journey around the globe bringing you the very best hits from all four corners of our planet. Add in some great classics, a ‘one-hit-wonder’ as well as the ’80s fix’, and you’ve got a great show that your listeners will love!

The show highlights not only the very latest releases from a wealth of musicians based across the world, both established and emerging, but also weaves in some great classics that you just might not have heard in a long time.

In the first hour, Dan Sweeney also drops in every week, highlighting a ‘one-hit-wonder’ – an artist that enjoyed success only once in the US Billboard charts. In the second hour – amongst a world of amazing music, we bring you the ‘80s fix’, digging deep into the extensive WorldMix record library in a segment consisting of two tracks from an artist from that great era.

Add in some weird and wonderful topical news stories from the last week and you’ve got a show that fits any radio schedule.  Currently broadcasting on over 87 amazing FM, DAB, AM and online stations across a number of continents, this show is ready for broadcast on your station.


Programme Information

WorldMix is produced weekly and freely available to partner stations. The show is distributed on Mondays for download in mp3 format at 320kbps stereo – in two flexible broadcast versions:

1) 6 x segments (totalling 0:55:00 per hour) – ideal for station ID / news / commercial / announcement inserts.

2) 2 x segments (hour 1 and hour 2 running at 0:58:00 duration each) – allowing TOH IDs and announcement / commercial inserts.

The programme is commercial free, clean / radio friendly with no explicit lyrics and complies with UK regulator OFCOM’s broadcast content standards.

Delivery is via Google Drive or via FTP.

Sample / archive shows are available on request for evaluation.

Additional Show Details

Show FrequencyWeekly
Show Duration2 Hours
Show SubscriptionFree


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