We are well overdue for an update about the Syndishows platform – where on earth does the time go?
So, here we go…

Listing Details

A few additions have been introduced to our listing details, aimed at better identifying the origins and target markets of shows in the directory. With the ever increasing internationality of Syndishows, we wanted to make it easier to see whether individial shows were produced in the UK, the US or elsewhere and indeed whether or not those shows were targeting domestic or international stations. New listings will now be prompted to enter those details. For existing listings you will need to edit your details in order to choose the relevant options for your show. We have also added a tooltip to the telephone contact field asking for you to include the international dialling code.
It is worth noting that Syndishows is a UK based directory, but welcomes listings from international sources.

Rejected Listings & Refunds

When show creators submit a listing they are able to choose from a number of available listing plans. If a paid for listing plan is chosen, this involves making a payment via Paypal. Despite being prompted to read and accept the Syndishows Terms and Conditions before submitting a listing, sadly some show creators do not do so and submit listings that violate these terms, consequently being rejected.
When a paid for listing is rejected, Syndishows refunds the amount paid via Paypal – but is still subject to the handling fee by Paypal which we cannot reclaim.
Up until now Syndishows has not passed this fee on to the user, but as a not for profit organisation with limted income we cannot continue to do so. Therefore, with immediate effect, where a paid for listing is rejected due to the submission violating our terms and conditions, the handling fee levied by Paypal upon us will be deducted from the amount refunded. The amount of this fee depends on whether a currency conversion is applied, but is typically between 4% and 6% of the total paid.
This is regretable, but we are all feeling the financial squeeze these days!

Listing Plan Charges

On a happier note, we are pleased to announce that the charges for our paid for listing plans have been frozen for another year – because, as we just commented, we are all feeling the pinch!
We also continue to offer our basic three month listing plan free of charge!


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