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May 2024 Update

Summer is almost upon us, traditionally a time for radio stations to update their schedules and shuffle programming. Many of those stations may well be looking to fill gaps with syndicated programming, which makes it a great time to get your show added as a Syndishows listing.

For show creators, a reminder that it costs as little as £1 GBP per month for a basic listing, with additional packages offering more benefits also available. You can compare the options available here.

The last few months has seen traffic to Syndishows stay at broadly the same levels, with over 2,300 different people using the site in April, looking at various pages more than 26,000 times.

April 2024 Statistics

Radio station programmers continue to find Syndishows an essential tool for finding high quailty shows to supplement their schedules, and the platform is still the only place to find a variety of genres all in one location, searchable with a couple of clicks – saving time on scrolling through endless social media posts.