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New Feature: Show Audio Samples

We’re less than a month in from the launch of Syndishows 2.0 and already we have a new feature for you!

Show creators who have audio samples for their shows located in other locations, whether on their own website or on cloud storage, can now link their file in their listing to create a playback module for it.

When entering or editing listing details, a new field has been added for show creators to enter the URL where their audio sample is located:

It is important to enter the full URL including https://.
The domain in question needs to be secured with an SSL – (https:// and not http://)
An audio file extension also needs to be present….eg:

If the URL is correctly configured this field will then appear in your listing page as an audio player linked to the demo in question.

Note that this feature is only available on Standard and Premium Packages.


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