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November 2023 Update

Just a quick update as we head into November with winter clawing at the door!

Syndishows continues to provide an invaluable tool for show creators – many of whom have reported numerous interest from radio stations in their productions. Stations too are enjoying the benefits of having a centralised repositary of programming ideas to call upon.

The platform continues to attract thousands of views every month, with over 80 syndicated shows now available for radio stations.

One technical issue that we are aware of is that some show creators are having problems relisting their show. Our technical boffins are investigating this – which only seems to be affecting a small number of users. Whilst we look into this we ask that any show creator having problems uses the contact form to let us know so that we can assist further.

In addition, for those show creators taking advantage of our standard and premium listing packages, there have been a number of listings where the demo audio file is not being properly entered. Please refer to the advisory tooltip when entering your link, and also check the FAQ page for troubleshooting non playing of demo audio in the integrated player.


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