We’re one week on from the launch of Syndishows, thanks so much for all of your interest and support. The site has received over 1,000 unique visitors and more than 13,000 page views in this very short time which is an incredible start. There are already plenty of shows now listed, but we just wanted to update you on a few things.

Basic “Placeholder” Listings

Unclaimed basic listings are now starting to be removed. These were only ever intended to give some content to the site at launch (rather than having a rather bare looking directory) and to give show creators an option to claim them. Obviously any show producer can add their show from scratch at any time, so even if a basic listing has been removed, a creator can still post their shows details as a fresh entry whenever they choose to, and can do so for FREE using the trial plan.


A reminder that radio stations and programme controllers don’t need to register to use Syndishows, they can simply view and browse the listings as a guest. They can reach out to show creators using the contact details posted on each listing, or they can directly message the Listing Owner through the site using the Contact box to the right of each listing.
Show creators wishing to post their show details do need to register, and confirm their email address, prior to adding their listing. If you have not received an email confirmation link, do check your spam folders!


You will notice that each show listing has a Comments section underneath it. These are for radio stations, and fellow show creators, to leave a recommendation or testimonial about the show, just like on social media. Please do not use the Comments section to send messages to Syndishows or to ask questions about the service. There is a Contact Us form on the site should you need to reach out to us about anything.

Radio Stations

We are bringing Syndishows to the attention of radio stations through a combination of direct contact, email marketing and paid advertising in order to promote your shows as widely as possible. We already have a database of over 300 stations, and whilst we will not be spamming programme controllers we will be making sure as many stations are aware of the Directory as possible. Remember that growing the network – both in terms of published show listings and radio station viewings – will take time. We recommend listing your show for a minimum of 6 months in order to gain sufficient views for your show, as radio stations dont tend to be constantly on the look out, but may refresh their schedules every few months.

The Future

There are a number of further site enhancements and developments in the pipeline, and we will keep you updated with how the service is progressing on a regular basis, so do check in to catch up from time to time!


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