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Aug 03
New Feature: Show Audio Samples

We’re less than a month in from the launch of Syndishows 2.0 and already we have a new feature for you! Show creators who have audio samples for their shows located in other locations, whether on their own website or on cloud storage, can now link their file in theirRead More

Jul 27
Create Your Own Radio Station

Some show creators entertain the idea of going one step further and launching their own radio station. Often they may be put off by the amount of work required, and certainly it can be daunting. Fortunately there are various options available to simplify the process. One such option is More

Jul 16
Introductory Offers

Listing Package Reductions For A Limited Period To celebrate the launch of Syndishows 2.0, we are offering our Standard and Premium Listing Packages at reduced rates for a limited period. Remember, these new packages already offer better value than before because they include the provision for multiple listings for aRead More

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