We have now added the ability to upload your own profile picture from your local machine, rather than using the Gravatar platform.

Gravatar is a cross website system for associating a profile picture with an email address enabling use on multiple sites once set up, but some users have found the intial configuration of their Gravatar profiles difficult.
So, as an alternative, there is now a new area in your Profile Edit screen to allow for uploading your profile picture directly without the use of Gravatar.

First, log in to your Syndishows account and go to Edit Profile:

Then scroll to the bottom of your profile information to find the new section:

Existing user profiles are not affected, so if you have already associated a Gravatar profile picture with your Syndishows account you can leave this as it is.
If you wish to replace the auto generated profile picture on your account with your own image you can now upload one using the new tool.


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