Welcome to the launch of Syndishows!

For a while now, we’ve noted just how many great syndicated radio shows and talented creative types are out there. And with so many community and internet radio stations about, there is always strong interest in finding new material to put to air.

Given the time commitments involved in trying to promote and find shows, it seemed that bringing both parties together in a simple listings site would be a no brainer. So here we are!

We’ll be looking to add more functionality and improve the site as we go along, but all the main ingredients are ready to roll right now. So feel free to get listing and searching!

Just remember, before you set about adding a listing for your show, just check first to see if it is already listed.
You can search for your show name in the search bar at the top of the page, and if you find it you can click to claim it as your own, and then have full control over adding or changing the details for it.

Happy listing (and searching!)


By Admin

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