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Upcoming Changes To Listing Packages

From January 1st 2024 we will be introducing some changes to the features and costs of Listing Packages for Radio Shows. These changes come after several months of analysis and taking on board feedback from users.

Basic Package

The first, and most obvious change is that our Basic Listing Package will no longer be free.
We understand that this will be an unpopular move, but it is born out of neccesity.

Syndishows has always been a not-for-profit project, designed to bring show creators and radio stations together. However, there are costs associated with providing the service – website hosting, domain names, software development & maintenance and marketing. For three years we have offered a free listing package to radio show creators, but throughout this time Syndishows has made a loss. The reason for this is that far too many show creators opt for the free package, and despite urging them to consider the small amounts of money required by our paid for listing packages, 80% of users still opt for the free package.

In order to preserve the viability of the service we are therefore reluctantly implementing a token, nominal fee of £3 for our basic listing package.
The previous limit of one basic listing package per user will be removed, meaning that users can add multiple basic listings should they wish to.

Standard & Premium Packages

The second raft of changes apply to our Standard and Premium Listing Packages.

We will be reducing the cost of both of these in order to provide better value to show creators. These packages will still offer the additional features over and above the Basic package, and retain their longer durations – six and twelve months respectively.

At the same time, since most show creators do not have multiple shows, these packages will revert to including one show listing in order to bring them in line with the Basic Package.

New Multi-Show Package

For those few show creators that do wish to list more than one show, we will be introducing a new “Multi-Show” package especially for them, offering a discounted way of listing up to three shows.
This package will also include all the benefits of the Premium Package, but with a substantial discount compared to buying separate premium listings.

A new package comparison page will also be added to better illustrate the differences between these options, highlighting the additional features available with each and allowing show creators to select the best package for their needs.

NOTE: These changes will only affect new listings or expiring listings that are relisted.
Existing published listings will only be affected once they reach their expiry date.

Since 2020, Syndishows has established itself as a successful syndicated radio show directory, and we also know that the platform has helped dozens of shows find homes on hundreds of radio stations.
We feel that this is proof that the service we offer is valuable, and certainly worth an investment of £1 per month for a basic listing.