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Welcome to Syndishows 2.0!

Syndishows 2.0 is here, sporting a brand new look and bristling with new features.

Why the need for 2.0?

Syndishows has been a great success over the last two years, but with growth comes the need for greater flexibility. We’ve listened to what users have said, and given a great deal of thought to ways in which the platform can be improved to offer even more to both show creators and radio stations. The new site also gives us the chance to fix some bugs and improve some behind the scenes technology that hasn’t always performed as well as we would have liked!

What has changed?

Almost everything. We have literally rebuilt the platform from the ground up, and here are some of the key points:

  • A fresh new look and modernised layout, optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • We have made searching for show listings easier, with multiple ways to approach browsing.
  • Radio Stations can post their own show opportunities in addition to show creators submitting their own listings.
  • An all new user dashboard giving both show creators and radio stations access to loads of information about their listings, including a raft of statistics.
  • Direct messaging allows any Syndishows user to contact another across the platform, in addition to by traditional means.
  • More categories. We have added many more show genres to the directory.
  • Reviews. Users will be able to add reviews to show listings.
  • Changes to the way listings and upgrades work, giving you more bang for your bucks!
  • More payment options.

What about costs? Does Syndishows still offer a free option?

Yes. Don’t panic, show creators can still list their show without charge, but the way this works has changed.
Our old listing plans have been replaced by Listing Packages. These packages allow show creators to list up to 5 individual shows in the directory, depending on the Package being used. Our free package will allow 1 listing. This means that those users who have multiple shows will only be allowed to list a single show for free, which we think is only fair. This free listing can be renewed indefinitely at no cost.
Paid for packages have an increased listing limit and they will also allow you to add more details, enjoy higher prominence on the site and include other bonus features.
Best of all, show creators can list more than one show with the new paid for packages and enjoy all the benefits without paying per listing!

Why have any charges? It should be free for everyone!

Well, wouldn’t that be nice – to live in a world where everything was free! Unfortunately, we don’t. Syndishows is a not for profit project, set up to help show creators and radio stations find each other. But, it is not without costs. Website domains, hosting, and site development all have a price tag. Marketing the platform also incurs costs, and all this can’t be provided at a loss to us. So our Listing Packages are designed to cover these costs, and are priced exceptionally low considering the time frames involved. Note that we still offer show creators a free option, but paid for listing packages will benefit from additional promotion and visibility.

What about Radio Stations, what’s new for them?

Programmers at radio stations can still browse the directory for shows as before, at no cost.
They do not need to register an account, but will be able to do so if they wish.
A new two-tier registration has been introduced allowing both Show Creators and Radio Stations to have accounts.
An account will be required if a Radio Station wishes to use direct messaging or list an “Opportunity”.
This is essenially a paid for listing where a station can advertise a show vacancy and customise it to their requirements. Show creators can then view those opportunites and contact stations as appropriate.

There’s lots to see and we hope you will enjoy the improvements and added benefits.


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